Dr. David Ting, DDS CEO Boston Dental Group

“The Mastermind Group experience has propelled my life to the next level.  This experience also made me realize that I have wasted 10 years of my life trying to find a perfect system to run our dental office.  Motivation is the key to success – not just motivating ourselves but also the whole team.  When the whole team is uplifted, any kind of management system will work!”

Ulises Alonzo Director of Operations, Handpiece Club

“The Mastermind Group experience has been very helpful to me both professionally and personally. It has helped at work by improving my leadership skills, and it has made working with my co-workers much easier, and collaboratively. Most importantly, it has also helped me improve relationships with people in my personal life. I enjoy being a part of this group and look forward to the continual growth it will provide me.”

Dr. Yogi Chen Marlboro Orthodontics

“The Leadership Lift workshop was motivating and enlightening for our entire team. Johnny’s message and enthusiasm were eye opening, and we will surely grow as a business, a team, and as individuals thanks to his program.”